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Caddie Program

The caddie program is a prominent part of the culture and history at Westwood Country Club. In fact, a book titled The Wichita Kid: A Caddie’s Story, was recently written by Rob Fisher, a former caddie. It is now being sold at all major bookstores and it chronicles amusing stories occurring at Westwood through the eyes of a young caddie.

The caddie program at Westwood is of significant importance to its membership, simply because many current members established their start here as a caddie. The club provides the opportunity for a young person to learn a great game, make great money, and meet very influential people.

Caddying is an important part of golf’s heritage and many believe it is “the way golf was meant to be played”. It is with that spirit that Westwood offers young individuals the opportunity to become self- reliant and in charge of their own schedule. Moreover, golf caddies are independent contractors and not classified as Westwood employees.  Add to that the possibilities for college scholarships; a caddie at Westwood is poised for success.

All Caddies beginning their careers at Westwood must attend a Caddie School to learn the proper techniques and etiquette needed for providing excellent service that are part of a dynamic round of golf. Ultimately, caddies learn that they are vibrant part of their round of golf and can add greatly to their players enjoyment. It is with this attitude that we are “Looking Ahead” for caddies that are focused and full of energy. 



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